Make a Donation

We dont always have the time to volunteer but we would still like to help.
Sometimes we would like to recognise the difference Campbelltown Meals on Wheels has made to someone in your life.
All donations are tax-deductable and you will receive a receipt.

                               Thank you for making a difference in your local community 

It is a common complaint or reason not to donate - ‘I don’t know where my money goes’.

Campbelltown Meals on Wheels ensure all monies raised help us make a real difference to our local community.

Please find below a list of our current projects and how we use the vitally important donations received:
  • Assisting the financially disadvantaged clients
  • Food Safety
  • Education and Training
  • Improving Health through better Nutrition and social interaction
  • Attracting Volunteers in order to sustain the service for future years
  • Indigenous projects
  • Funding innovative service models – for the future

To make a donation, choose an option in our  Online Store or fill out the  Donation Form  and we will contact you with other payment options.