About Us

Enabling people to continue to live comfortably and independently in their own homes.

Serving the Campbelltown community since 1972

The Service covers Campbelltown Local Government Area and Appin
Campbelltown Meals On Wheels provides meals 5 days a week, a Shopping Service and a Housebound Library Service for people who are frail aged, have a disability, and their carers, to enable people to continue to live comfortably and independently in their own homes.

Our History

The Campbelltown City Meals On Meals Service started in 1972 and since July 1992 the service has operated from the Meals On Wheels Centre at 91 Queen St, Campbelltown (The old Library building)

Maintaining independent living for those who are at risk

  • Statement of Purpose

    The purpose of Campbelltown Meals on Wheels is to provide a Food, Shopping, Library Service to maintain frail aged and people with disabilities, who are at risk of premature or inappropiate institutionalisation, in their own homes.

  • Philosophy

    Campbelltown Meals on Wheels believe in;

    • The right of people to make choices in their own lives;
    • The right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality;
    • The right of people to be valued as individuals;
    • The right of people to accesss services on a non-discriminatory basis;
    • The right of the community to accountable and responsive service.
  • Outcomes

    The outcomes pursued by the Campbelltown Meals on Wheels are;

    • That people who are frail aged or disabled can remain in their own homes;
    • That family and other primary caregivers are supported in their role;
    • That the agency operates in an effective, efficient and accountable manner

Meet The Team

Management Committee

Our organisation is managed by a Management Committee that consists of:
President | Vice President | Treasurer/Public Officer | Secretary | General Members

Role of Management Committee

How We Help
The management committee is responsible for managing the affairs of our organisation according to the Act, Regulation, rules and any other relevant laws.
The Management Committee is responsible for making sure the organisation operates within its approved budget and in line with the policies and procedures set down by the Committee.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member with Campbelltown Meals on Wheels, please call the office on 02 4645 4523 or fill out an online form.