Food Service
Our menu has a range of nutritious affordable meals offering frozen main meals, mini meals, sandwiches, soups, desserts and juices catering for most dietary requirements.
Our meals are delivered by our dedicated and trained team of volunteers, Monday to Friday between 9am-11am.
The volunteers provide wellbeing checks and a social connection.
All meals are nutritiously balanced and our meals are able to be used as a staple diet or a supplement to your current menu.
We cater for a specific dietary requirements, including: portion sizes, vegetarian, modified meals (pureed, minced etc, diabetic and gluten free meals.
Online ordering coming soon
No matter what your needs we are here to help.  Our meal ordering is flexible - you can order as many or as little as you require.  From meals once a week to meals once a fortnight we can accomodate to suit you. 

Please contact the office to discuss meal prices.  
   Specialized menus 
   (diabetic, gluten free etc)  
 available on request